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Lightweight Portable Patio Waterfalls

Introducing "RealFalls", one of the best-looking and best-sounding patio waterfalls on the market today. (Click on "POND & WATERFALL PICTURES" to the left for product pictures, prices, and availability).

Most patio waterfalls you see look like plastic or cement, look man-made, are very heavy and difficult to handle or move, and do not have a natural sound.

But not ours!!!

Creative Waterscapes has really gotten creative to provide you with a waterfall that looks and feels like a natural rock formation with water rolling over it. They sound great, too!

"RealFalls" are versatile. They can stand alone on a patio or in a corner of the yard. Or, they can act as a starter formation for a fish pond, stream, or water garden. And they are completely non-toxic and fish and wildlife safe, and will not affect water chemistry, including pH.

"RealFalls" are strong and lightweight for their size, and while not indestructible, are pretty close. The color will not fade or wear off, unlike other products.

"RealFalls" come ready for you to install in the location of your choice. Just plug in the pump (included) and enjoy!

They are also available as a pondless waterfall kit which includes a Firestone PondGuard 45 mil liner, and submersible magnetic drive pump.

The kit is easily installed in a short time: just dig a very shallow hole, place the liner protector and liner, position your "RealFalls" waterfall in the middle, add cobble stones and water, and plug it in!