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Artificial Rock Waterfall Repair

Artificial Rock Waterfalls and Swimming Pool Waterfalls-----We can help you!

Creative Waterscapes has been building waterfalls from artificial rock since 1994 under a California general contractor's license # C463913. We take great pride in our work, and our friendly and dependable service. Please take a look at our picture portfolio to the left by clicking on "POND & WATERFALL PICTURES". For questions and pricing, please click "e-Mail", upper left of this or any page.

IMPORTANT! For the fastest response possible, include in your e-mail your contact information, and pictures of the rock-work that needs to be repaired or re-colored: close-ups, and of the entire water feature. It is helpful if someone is in the picture so that the size of the water feature is more apparent.

Our company has repaired and re-colored numerous waterfalls during our many years in business. Most of these repairs, especially concerning the color and finished texture of artificial rock waterfalls, are required due to time related "wear and tear", or improper or obsolete building methods.

Do you have a waterfall that was constructed with gunite or shotcrete and looks unrealistic or basically like a big pile of concrete that has some gouges or lines carved across it? We can re-texture your waterfall with our own patterns copied from real rock formations! Our process will make your waterfall waterproof and look much more attractive and natural-looking.

If you have a waterfall that was built for you and has never operated properly, or does not look like what you had in mind when you contracted for it, CALL US! We will first of all advise you on the best course of action to take, whether it involves hiring us or not. If you do decide to hire us, we are licensed, insured, and guarantee our work! We can provide plenty of references from our past customers.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

One of the areas some swimming pool owners are running into difficulty is where they have an artificial rock waterfall that is an integral part of their pool. Unfortunately, many of these waterfalls were built incorrectly.

Typically these pool waterfalls were formed with steel rebar, covered with metal lathe, and then a thick coat of gunite (a sand, portland cement, and water mixture shot out of a hose under very high pressure) was applied. The problem with this very common method is that the metal lathe that was tied to the outside of the formed rebar prevents the gunite from encasing the rebar as it should have. In a few years the metal lathe rusts away from rain, or pool water running over it when the waterfall is running, leaving the gunite without proper structural support. The gunite artificial rocks usually start cracking, and can fall apart over a period of time. If any of the artificial rock is below the water level of the pool itself, this condition is even more problematic. The steel rebar inside them is subject to serious corrosion from being submerged all the time, and soon after large streaks of rust start appearing down the side of your pool.

Another problem with swimming pool waterfalls we have seen is where a layer (or layers) of cement similar to house stucco was applied over the gunite and then textured in some fashion. Oftentimes a strong bond is not achieved between layers, usually caused by not dampening the surfaces that the layers of cement are applied to. If the weather is hot and dry, as is often the case in Southern California, this can further exacerbate the delamination of the artificial rocks during the construction process and beyond.

If this sounds like your pool, we can provide a solution to your problem.

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